About Homestead Elements

What is Our Mission?

To distribute the highest quality crafted products that improve overall wellness and safety.

Use eco-friendly fibers and processes that minimize waste. Use recyclable packaging.

Work with women and men who specialize in these trades and continue a legacy. 

Employ those who may be persons at risk or with barriers to employment and community access.

Inevitably, provide a superior quality of life through our products and processes. 

We believe in creating sacred spaces so no matter where you may be, with our products, you’re never far away from your own personal sanctuary.

How Did it Start?

The owner and founder of Homestead Elements, Tanya McDonald (left), grew up in her native India, surrounded by the diversity and beauty of textiles. As Tanya progressed her education and career in the US, her family began to share a vision to bring the familiar artisan designs and quality materials in a wide range of volumes to North America.


Now, living in the United States with her husband and daughter, Tanya and her family in India manufacture globally to curate premium quality products for a superior quality of life.

Our People

Producing high quality products and providing superior service requires an excellent work force. We employ a highly skilled, dedicated team to ensure the best in everything we do. Two of our most valuable team members are our materials controllers, Eve Flynn and Jessica Smith. They are the force behind our shipments and work with individuals who greatly enhance the quality of our services.