Custom Kits

Kitting for Individual Rooms

At Homestead Elements, we specialize in creating product kits for our end customer’s use. Kitted products may include multiple items needed to furnish a room, such as bed linen, window treatments, room accessories, amenities and others. This allows for a convenience on the part of our customers when unpacking and installing products. We love making your lives simpler and aim to please!


Our goal is to provide a one stop shop solution to our customers in the hospitality and retail space. Customers can shop our in-stock products or work with us to manufacture from scratch. Homestead Elements works directly with customers to develop solutions perfect for their needs. This is done through both the products and distribution options we offer. We work with customers in the hospitality industry to design and manufacture custom products with logos and insignia, specific color ways and unique specs such as thread count, techniques and other additions. We also make distribution to multiple locations, and installation in multiple rooms easy for customers with our One Room at a Time option.

Wellness Kits

We also offer Wellness Kits that are individually packaged and include a reusable mask, hand sanitizer (2 oz, 4 oz, or 8 oz), a package of travel tissues, and a fun sized sweet. While this is the standard Wellness Kit, we are able to create kits with products specific to a customers needs. These could be filled with PPE, restroom amenities, and much more. These have a wide variety of uses from showing employees you value their safety to making it easy to restock restrooms.