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Data & Reporting

Strategic Insights and Aggregate Data

Through the inventory we stock and manage for customers especially in the hotel industry, we’re able to provide insights into what locations may have higher usage and better customer engagement, where returns may be coming from and identifying other patterns to equip our customer with all the tools they need to make better purchasing decisions.

Regular Reporting

We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and year end snapshots of all of you reports.

Inventory, Pricing and Discount Synchronization

Due to our strong manufacturing footprint, we keep customers apprised of changes to rates of raw materials, freight/logistics as well as offering discounts when rates stabilize.

Custom Reports

In addition to the standard inventory reports provided by us, we work with customers to create custom content if needed. This could be something as simple as inventory aging or go on to more advanced fields such as shorter/longer logistics routes, freight savings, duties/taxes paid if going into Canada, etc.

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