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What are Our Distribution Options?

Warehouse Stock Pick-Up

Customers may choose to pick-up stock stored at our warehouse located in Michigan. We work with them to establish a regular schedule for pick-up and coordinate stock pick-ups on request.


We drop-ship single items to customers of our retail partners as well as deliver kitted solutions to properties of our hotel customers throughout North America. We are capable of shipping to Canada as well.

Production Orders

We also partner with clients to design, sample and produce orders. Then deliver items locally or organizing factory pick-ups.

The Process - From Our Facility to Your Door

Custom Development

Homestead Elements works directly with customers to develop products perfect for their needs. This includes producing custom products with logos and insignia, specific color ways and unique specs such as thread count, techniques and other additions.


Our manufacturing is led by trade specialists with skill and excellence developed and mastered throughout their lifetime. During manufacturing we implement practices that reduce waste, focus on sourcing sustainable materials and recycle scrap.


During our distribution process, we ensure a sense of urgency as well as attention to detail. We work with customers to prioritize shipments as needed, remain flexible and accurate all the while ensuring the safety of our people above all else. We also take pride in reusing and recycling packaging materials.